Friday, October 31, 2008

ISES Power Lunch October 2008

LiveWire Special Events, Inc. was proud to host the ISES Power Lunch on October 22nd. The room was packed with about 30 in attendance!
The topic was definitely the draw. Marla Watson-Werst, CSEP talked to everyone about social networking and new media marketing. Marla keeps on top of the newest trends in communication and networking.
The first part of the discussion was talking about keeping websites up-to-date. Not only in materials but you also have to keep the websites up-to-date technically. Marla then moved on to the new social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. We talked about how it can be used not only to expand your network but showcase your events by posting pictures. She also talked about blogging and how important and useful it can be. It gets people to see an event or particular element of an event with details. People will get used to seeing your updated blog and continue to visit and eventually you will hit on something they like. She also browsed over applications for phones such as Twitter, Loopt and other communication applications.

Everyone left the lunch very informed. Many of the attendees, including myself, took the lessons of the day and ran with it to start making changes or get involved in new methods of networking and marketing.

We would like to thank Gil's Elegant Catering for providing lunch, Marla with PeaPod Productions for sharing her knowledge and Ken with Fun Factory Events for allowing us to host the lunch.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Covenant Hospital 10th Year Anniversary Gala

The Covenant Hospital Gala turned out to be a beautiful event, but it was all thanks to the hard work of our amazing crew and the great people at College Flowers.

After working on the job for months, we were getting down to the wire during what is one of the industries busiest times and still didn't have a contract. Finally we received a final okay on quantities, cost, etc. a mere 5 days before we were to leave town. This of course meant trying to get semi trucks scheduled, last minute items shipped in, and scheduling an entire crew to be out of town on what was one of our two busiest weekends of the year so far.

The day before we left, we found out the heavy equipment we had requested may not be available to us when we needed it if at all due to some last minute changes on the sponsors' side. We stayed the course and continued with our efforts. The crew put 500 stakes into the ground in a day after driving all the way to Lubbock.

Our next challenge was to get the tent up without getting it filthy. It had been raining for a few days already so the ground was soaked. We carefully laid out tarps to start working on the lacing of the canvas. Once the tent was up we had to get the 80' x 200' ceiling liner up without getting mud on it despite 2" of standing water under the tent and persistent rain that was still falling.

The event was beautiful in the end. The tent radiated red light. The black and white decor inside was a site to see. Everyone was mesmerized by the tango dancers. At the end of the evening everyone was happy and Covenant was able to celebrate their 10th year in Lubbock serving the public.

Thank you to College Flower and Covenant Health System for entrusting us with your event. It was a joy to see this event turn into a reality.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Treasure Street

Texas Scottish Rite holds an amazing fundraiser every year. Last year they moved the event to Highland Park Village which put a whole new twist on the event. It was such a success that they did the same this year.

The committee and Cory Lukens are amazing people to work with. They are truly eager to help in anyway possible and believe in the cause. They allowed us to come back this year and do the event again this year. And what a success!

We were able to make a few changes to help the ambience of the evening maintain its magical feeling. Rusty Glenn did a wonderful job with the floral and other decor. Eclipse Entertainment had wonderful entertainment to match their Cirque-themed event. Marshall Leak was the MC/DJ for the evening and keep the party going.

Airstar provided us with 2 lights which provided lighting for the whole area. Lite Dallas provided us with LED lighting all connected so we could simultaneously dim the entire party at once when the live auction started. We were also able to feature our new line of water hyacinth furniture.

If you would like more information on Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the amazing work that they do you can visit their website,